Temple Christian Academy Fine Arts programs offer to help K5-12th grade students develop their talents and sharpen their skills for the Lord. Our goal has been to glorify Christ by providing an opportunity for students to participate in events under music, speech, art, and core subjects. Students also perform for the Christmas, and spring programs. Each area has been carefully planned to help prepare students’ minds and abilities for a life of service to Christ. Students have the privilege to compete in the Texas Organization of Christian Schools Fine Arts district and regional competitions throughout the North Texas area which provides students a time of fellowship with other students in a Christ-honoring environment.

Art Class

Music and Drama Staff

Danielle Lopez, Music

Lori Tigert, Music


Lori will be working with all grades in the music  departments of TCA, she also will be offering piano lessons to interested students.

This year your student will have an opportunity to develop their musical talents by participating in school programs, music theory classes for each age, fine arts, and drama presentations you won't want to miss!

Joe Lopez, Speech and Drama

Joe Lopez, Speech & Drama

Joe Lopez is the Fine Arts director at TCA. He grew up participating in fine arts in high school and continued throughout college.

He took many college courses in the speech department to further his interests. Joseph is all in whether it is with athletics or on the stage.

He and his wife, Danielle, are eager to work together to coach TCA students to compete in Fine Arts through music, speeches, tests, and more.

Please reach out if you are interested in competing in Fine Arts.